The history of Kanazawa-style Tonkotsu and Samurai.

ten‐odd years ago.
There was a man who has finished study of Tonkotsu-Ramen in Hakata and returned to Kanazawa.
The man and his fellow vowed to open the best ramen-shop in a hometown. Because heavy Tonkotsu-ramen does not match Kanazawa, they had to develop light and refreshing Tonkotsu-ramen. At the end of long study, they found the way to blend japanese-style soup stock to Tonkotsu-soup.
They named the totaly new soup "Kanazawa-style Tonkotsu".
We challenge in the spilit of Samurai.
We will devote for customers from now on.


" Kanazawa brand excellent new product "

It has been certified as " Kanazawa brand excellent new product " in 2014 .